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Bracelets are one of the most used and appreciated accessory at any age and latitude. This is an accessory that can be traced since the Bronze Age and that today draws on a vast pool of symbols: a design and trend object, a trait for personalizing the look. In a chain, with pendants, or rigid, the bracelet thus assumes an image that recalls sensuality and fidelity.


Worn since the ancient times as a symbol of wealth, considered propitiatory talismans, used for practical and ornamental purposes, widespread among the tribes of multiple civilizations. Currently the value of the earring lies in its beauty, as well as in its tradition. The love for earrings is not just a matter of style and fashion, but also embodies special symbols and meanings. Pendant, circular or teardrop-shaped, the earrings are destined to remain beloved and desired ornaments that will populate our evenings with glamour and elegance.


The necklace does not just embody an ornamental function but carries with itself the authenticity of a true symbol of belonging, defining the emotional, personal and ideological bonds of the person who wears it. The necklace name refers to the anatomical part of the neck, a highly symbolic area: circular in shape, it recalls the delicacy and sensitivity of the soul, the intimacy and sensuality of the body, the meeting point between soul and body. The first necklaces were found in Iraq, in the tombs of the kings of Ur. In ancient Egypt they were a symbol of protection, of power and were created in copper and gold alloy, using very refined techniques such as filigree work, varnishing and inlay. Nowadays they are part of our everyday life and define love, affection, a sense of belonging, a union between the wearer and the person who gives it.