In 1983 Castoro s.r.l. opens the first plant in the Province of Arezzo, which will be followed, in recent years, by the expansion into an adjacent building.

The name was chosen to represent the link that has always existed with the territory of Castiglion Fibocchi (CAST) and underlines the raw material that is processed (ORO).

The experience gained over the years, the attention to products’ quality and the continuous technological innovation, have led to an expansion of the production based on a single model chain (the so-called "empty rope") by inserting machine chains, empty pipe up to the most recent art-inspired fine jewelry.

For some years the company has developed the refining, the recovery of precious metals and the production of investment bullions, activities that are supported by important technological investments, in compliance with the most recent regulations on environmental protection.


The competitive challenges, typical of the new millennium, are faced with a particular attention to innovation, both in terms of processes and products, in order to constantly enrich production, collections and services, in order to best satisfy our customers’ demands.

This is a broad but coherent vision of the original company mission, consequent to the need of diversifying and increasing work and services with respect to what the Italian and foreign demand represents. The fast dynamics of modern markets, in fact, impose the need to immediately grasp the opportunities that emerge.

Our strength is the absolute transparency towards the customer, who is allowed to assist in a safe way to all the steps and processing phases. In that way, we allow the qualitative feedback of the finished product and the results obtained in the services.


Castoro s.r.l. recognizes the importance of preserving the environment in its entirety. For that reason, it considers every environmental aspect related to its activities and aims to exercise the most effective degree of control for the reduction of its impacts.

It is no coincidence that all the production phases are set on a closed recovery cycle that avoids any type of spill and release into the environment.

The focus on ecology and renewable energies is a guiding principle in the company's operations: the proof is the photovoltaic system covering the building for the production of electricity.

Part of our principles of sustainability and ethics is also represented by the transparency in relation to all the stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers and the promotion of the territory, to emphasize the affection we feel towards this enchanting portion of Tuscany.