Castoro offre una vasta gamma di servizi altamente qualificati, dedicati ad aziende e privati


We produce a wide range of jewelry with a collection of over 6000 items, which is constantly updated.

We are specialized in the production and trade of jewelry and gold products, distributed in Italy and exported worldwide. In addition to a wide range of items we are able to offer customized models and solutions. Regarding the production of jewelry and gold items, we can affirm that our Company is dynamic and attentive to all the demands of the operators of the sector. We are among the leaders in the production of chains, empty and thick, made both by hand and machine, with an industrial production structure and at the same time strictly faithful to tradition. Our sample collection boasts a huge assortment of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings, also available in parures and in super-light variants. We produce high quality jewelry, always studying fashion trends and the demands of the reference markets: skills, competence and technique merge with imagination and expressive capacity, in a continuous search for new lines that can even satisfy the needs of more sophisticated customers.



We produce a wide range of bullions and bars of different sizes for goldsmiths and private customers interested in investing in gold.

Companies and individuals can trade investment gold in the form of bullions, bars or coins at the best prices in the market. We guarantee professionality and absolute transparency. Today, in addition to companies, everyone is free to invest in and hold pure gold bars, thanks to the regulations introduced with Law no. 7 of 17/01/2000. The money invested in the purchase of pure gold maintains its purchasing power unchanged over time. Moreover, in times of uncertainty in international financial markets, such as economic crisis, the demand of the investors for raw materials such as gold (which has always been considered the best refuge asset) increases exponentially, leading to a significant increase in value. We produce a wide range of gold bars and guarantee your investment thanks to a modern anti-counterfeiting blister system, with various possibilities of customization. Nothing can give you more security than gold: your present is safer, your future is safer.



We buy gold and precious metals from companies (industries, artisans’ laboratories, gold and jewelry shops) and private investors.

Castoro S.r.l. is registered in the Bank of Italy as a Professional Gold Operator with authorization n. 5006135 and we can buy and sell various quantities of pure metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd) and in solution (Rh). Our Precious Metal Bank is able to constantly supply precious metal prices, through updates from the main international exchanges, and to ensure the best trading conditions. We guarantee traceability and speed in payments, high product quality, transparency in quotations and organizational efficiency for logistics and transport services.



We can deliver precious metals in every part of the world.

Our company makes use of national and international partners for the safe custody and delivery of the metal in total safety and in rapid times.



Our internal laboratory is able to provide an extremely accurate analysis of precious metals, thanks to competence, professionality and advanced technologies.

We guarantee an excellent service for the test, thanks to the use of latest generation systems that ensure maximum precision and accuracy. Our staff, with great experience, will return the best title, fully satisfying your expectations. Once the processing is complete, we leave the customer the opportunity to collect the recovered pure metal or sell it directly to Castoro S.r.l. at the best market prices updated in real time.



Modern and efficient refining plants are able to return gold and silver of high quality and purity.

Our technologically advanced systems and our highly qualified staff ensure the highest quality standards in all the phases of recovery and refining, and can guarantee the maximum transparency, sampling and verification possibilities. Through the skills of our highly qualified staff, in our new and modern laboratory, we are able to melt materials in small and large quantities, in a very short time and make a reliable analysis of the value of any metal. Our strength is the absolute transparency towards the customers, allowing them to assist in all the steps of the workings, and to check the results obtained.